The ROEN's CHORUS was born in the 50's in  very unusual circumstances. DON (Trento) is a small pleasant town at the base of the Roen mountain, its geografic position makes it a very difficult place to reach, consequently for centuries the area was very isolated. The chorus rose in 1964 from this isolated agricultural society, which had very little to offer for entertainment. With the passing of time the chorus went from   sporadic apperances to became a more stable structure. As it became more known the ROEN's CHORUS kept receiving more and more invitations to concerts in the area  and at the national level. The new road to take for the chorus has being chosen one more time by the master's chorus Aldo Lorenzi, whom in his tireless activity and through the sensibility of people, he kept the some of the  values of the   country's traditions by being able to  save from extinction old songs only known by few. The result of this intense work is collected in three compact discs of   mainly inedited songs.